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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Afghanistan is famous for its jewelry. In ancient days they introduced their handmade jewelry which is known as “Kochi jewelry “. Afghanistan Kuchi Jewelry represents the cultural and traditional looks of their tribe. As people of Khyber Pashtun wear it in their daily routine and especially in their functions. Their women and girls look very attractive because this specially made jewelry increase their beauty. It is usually made of silver and gillet in different shapes with colourfull stones over it particularly oynx, Lapislazuli, serpentine and jade. The stones make it more beautiful and shiny. Their dresses are also decorated with these types of precious stones that raise their beauty.

They wear different shapes crowns on head made by silver with color stones and also wear number of ear rings in same ear with more than one whole. Kochi jewelry is very expensive especially in other areas as its imported from Afghanistan because it’s their handmade craft with deep struggle and time taking on that while making. People of their tribe wear it and gift to their loved ones but also send it for trade to other cities and countries as well. So it costs double as its travelling cost also includes.

Afghanistan Kuchi Jewelry is very popular all over the world and famous because of its shapes and unique nomad styles. It is found mostly in Turkish culture also as one will have noticed in several Turkish Dramas their women wearing its crown which seems like queen. Their dresses are also decorated with precious and costly stones.
Kuchi Jewelry is also found in sea side fossil fuels which are decorated and antique by those with different colors by making holes in that and shaping them as we wish.

Names of different people are also written on sea shell fossils and color them differently which attracts the buyer and they pays whatever the costs for. It has achieved a big rank in market because of the customers’ demands. Sellers sell on the demand of their customers who orders them.  Afghanistan Kuchi Jewelry is found online with pictures and prices we can order it by sitting at home and pay online.

From history we come to know that in 1970,s Afghanistan was affected by war. It affected their innocent people because their industry was badly affected. For survival, they introduced their handmade crafts named as “Kochi jewelry” and now we can see they keep them balanced and famous in world.

It represents their culture by simple look at them. They are judged by their dresses and famous unique jewelry that they are people of Khyber Pashtun, Afghanis. It is their distinct and unique art that makes them different from others.

Their famous jewelry is nose wearing with different stones and colours. They also wears necklaces with beads and pendant’s, bracelets in pairs, rings with long chains hanging over hand, anklets of large size etc. They wear dresses long frocks with belly belts included in their jewelry and it is mostly dressed for belly dance. It is costly but raises our beauty. We can wear it by little amendments on various festivals. It is also found on www.folkmarket.com  online business. All girls must visit their website and purchase it. Follow the different links given by them.
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Afghan Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

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