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Kuchi Jewelry Pakistan

Kuchi tradition came up from Afghanistan. Their native jewelry was worn by many cultures around the world and still active in the fashion world today. The majority of pieces in the market for the tribal, fusion belly dance or kuchijewelry are from Afghanistan or Northwest Pakistan. It is very trendy easy to carry and versatile for everyday wear.

In recent year’s afghan’ pieces have got popularity and adorned by many jewelry lovers and fashion stars even now online store officially launches! Kuchi jewelry has a very distinct look and the traditional wearing styles worn for the past 3000 years! While it is made from silver, a lot of the Afghan jewelry that is available in market is German silver which in reality is not really silver at all, usually a mix of different miscellaneous metals.  Lapis is common in much of their jewelry since it is found abundantly in Afghanistan. Lapis has been prized since the times of antiquity because of its intense blue color. Their jewelry is absolutely stunning.

Kuchi has become favorite of tribal belly dancers, theater people, and for those wanting undeniably tribal statement. Not because it’s a fun to wear, but the very act of putting on these adornment pieces somehow seems transporting to a different time and place. Its weight, sparkle, sound conjure up pleasing images of a confident Kuchi woman heading into a town or village. As it is most of the exuberant, joyful among all other jewelry, appeals people especially from India and Pakistan. Folk dancers add more beauty by adorning kuchi jewelry even wearing those dresses.

On different occasions, highly treasured, sometimes pinned to clothing, the hair, or hung from a belt as a waist ornament. Kuchi jewelry and clothing is renowned for its exuberant designs, vibrant energy and flamboyant spirit. Its color depicts alive feel and over-the-top embellishments. Tribal Jewelry recognize as uniquely Kuchi. This jewelry has got popularity for dance and daily wear, combining the values of all cultures and traditions, Kuchi people has visited in their wanderings. It is perhaps the most fun and traditional to wear of all the Tribal Jewelries.
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Afghan Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

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