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Afghan Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

Afghan Pakhtun Kuchi have been living in the same manners for more than 3000 years. This is very interesting point of Afghan Pakhtun Kuchi tribes. They have maintained their Pakhtun nomad style for ever. The kuchi tribes used to wander around the mountains of Afghanistan and towards Indus valley. They residence had been in old Silk Route which links today Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, parts of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. This connection had been building deep networking of barter along this route over the years.

However, the migration was stopped in the 1960s during the closing of border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been facing and has been under war impressions internally and externally both. This situation compelled the mostly Afghan tribes to sell their jewelry and personal traditional clothing. People took much interest and soon “ Kuchi Jewelry “ became popular around the world.

The term “ Kuchi “ is linked to Afghan Pakhtun tribes who reside both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. During the migration of Afghan towards Pakistan during the Russian war over Afghanistan. Since that the mostly kuchi jewelry businesses have been transferred to Pakistan. Pakistan is major market of Afghan kuchi jewelry, antique jewelry or even natural gemstones of Afghanistan.

The work “ Kuchi “ or “Kochi “ is a Persian word کوچ koch. It is translated as “migration”. The popularity of “ Kuchi” is linked with the nomads presented with using of gillet, German silver or silver and famous lapislazuli jewelry. The mostly jewelry contains lapis gemstones. Though their major business was barter system. They used to exchange animals, food items or dairy products or other stuff which had demand at that time. Kuchi people re very 
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Afghan Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

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